Things I was doing instead of updating the blog  

May 18, 2009

Part two: When it's Mel’s fault

Mel: My turn for the confessional booth – Things I am doing when I am supposed to be updating the Blog. While there are quite a few on Tati’s list that I feel confident in adding to mine. It was declared “no repeats” - which is only fair.

Elvis: all you have to say is that you spend all your free time being my servant…

01 Starting New Hobbies – The internet is full of crafty fun hobbies that just get my fingers itching to get started. This usually results in another constant not to be put on this list – cleaning, organizing & craft supply disasters.


Elvis: I love the new shelves, I mean, my new playground. That was a good project you did. Nice hobby: build fun things for me!

02 Finding New Recipes to Try – I lose hours at a time wading through glorious pictures of savory and sweet temptations and wondering about possibilities and wanting to get out a whisk and an apron. Pity I don’t spend more time actually MAKING them. Future temptations to be sampled at a future date for oral satisfaction ratings.

Elvis: OH WOW! I love having a master cook at home. They are so useful!

03 Trying to be more Disciplined – I find when I am being paid to do something I am pretty good about getting it done on time. Or at least within expected deadlines. It is never exactly to my degree of perfectionism but it seems to keep me employed.

However, the minute I walk in the door all the things I need to do at home get stirred into a pot with all the things I’d like to do (see 1 and 2 above) and suddenly I find I am procrastinating and doing nothing. Therefore I decide I need more discipline and seek to find ways to teach myself to be more disciplined. None have worked so far.

04 Reading my Collection of Pop-up Books – I love Pop Up books – especially those by Reinhart & Sabuda - however any that is fun, clever or well done is accepted on my shelves.

Elvis: Oh those damn books… Everytime I go sniff them something pops up and scares the hell out of me! One day I will get my revenge. I will kill THEM ALL!

Mel: I love them because they give you that same sense of kid “awe” and “magic” as blowing bubbles. BTW the one featured in the video below is not in my collection yet. My birthday is next week. Hint. Hint. Hint.

Elvis: I will have my revenge! Hint. Hint. Hint.

05 Resolving fights & winning competitions. In an all male (questionable in Sugar’s case) but me household there are lots of competitions, fights & general uproars to be had. Sometimes of course I’m the one creating them.

But that’s beside the point. Using the computer is a constant battle with Elvis, Sinatra & Sugar. Playing Lumines is a battle with Gabriel & control of the TV. Going to bed is a battle between me and Elvis for the blanket. Eating breakfast is a battle between me and Sinatra for the cereal bowl. Cleaning is a struggle between me and Sugar and the pile of papers/books/whatever.

You get the picture. Life is a Battlefield.

Elvis: It wouldn’t be if you started doing things for me all the time!

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Things I was doing instead of updating the blog  

May 14, 2009

Part one: When it's Tati’s fault

Evlis: humf stupid humans, its always your fault

01 – Thinking about hot men

Tati: Oh Yeah-ha

Elvis: *cough* cough* God – make me hack up a hairball why don’t you

Tati: Note: I only like him as Wolverine

Downey Jr gets better as he ages

I wish I could say the same about Christian Slater. That's why I think about him when he was younger.

Elvis: Nice Tat. Show Love for the Felines. You can have a sardine for that.

Tati: Elvis, that's an ugly ass tattoo. He gets a sardine anyway though.

Always relevant

This picture is to prove that even wearing gay clothes, Mulder will always be HOT!

Elvis: I particularly liked that episode with the cats that were attacking the stupid humans that refused to respect the shaman woman. That’s based on a true story by the way. Except the Shaman woman was a follower of Basement Cat.

Tati: You mean YOU!

He will be forever HOT! FOREVAH!!!!!

02 - Watching whole TV Show's seasons at once

The only two TV Shows I was not late, was Lost and Fringe. I managed to watch 5 seasons of House in 3 weeks. That's because I was simultaneously watching Death Note, I am sure it would have taken me less to watch just 5 Seasons (considering I skipped the whole 4th Season that House was choosing his new team, boy that sucked!)

A While ago I bought the X-Files awesome box. Took me 3 months to watch all the episodes (I was working full time at the time) Every night, for 3 months I had awesome dreams about Mulder! Mmmmm Mulder *drool*

Elvis: Mel & Gabe are watching X-files. It’s great to stick my claws in Mel’s thigh right at the scary moments.

Tati: I did the same with the Family Guy Box. I watched everything at once. I don't really remember how long it took me, but it was a lot less than the X-files.

I need more Fringe!

03 - Doing absolutely nothing

Elvis: this I can Support.

Tati: Sometimes I spend the whole day looking at the ceiling. It's awesome. I get up only to go pee. Not even to eat, eating will produce more pee eventually so I don't taunt my body.

I found this:

"It’s overrated. After you’ve spent a day doing nothing useful and consider your life afterwards, it’s somewhat depressing. A day is 24 hours.. that’s 1440 minutes.. that’s 86400 seconds. I can tell you, I’ve wasted a whole day… it was really miserable when I went to sleep that night."

I'll tell you this: It's not overrated! It's awesome! Feels great! Feels even better when you feel it's time to go to sleep and you realize you just need to hold your pillow and you are ready! I proudly spent a lot more than 86400 seconds doing absolutely nothing!

Elvis: I find that sleep is a vital part of survival. For once you show some intelligence.

Tati: Agreed, and I am a kitchen!

04 - Getting drunk

Well that's pretty much it. I go out, come back drunk, can't type (aka think). I go watch Sponge Bob.

05 - Not going to the gym

You see, it works like this. I have OCD, so I have to finish what I start, sometimes on a specific order. So I tell myself: I will have dinner, then later go to the gym, come back, take a shower and write the post.

Guess what happens?

I have dinner and faint!

Elvis: It appears Tati is starting to respond to my superior training ability.

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We are procrastinating  

May 11, 2009

Tati: Well when it's not my fault, it's Mel's fault and when it's not Mel's fault is my fault...

You know when you skip one day of GYM and then you skip the whole week? That's what's happening to us now. We have it in our hearts that we will produce something useful for Friday though.

Mel: are you sure we should get their hopes up with the promise of "Something useful" do we ever do anything useful?

Tati: we are always useful. Without us, people would be working

Mel: Only too true.

We will leave you with some nice images

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Truly Outrageous week!  

May 1, 2009


Tati: What a crazy week we had. Testing all this toys was hard work. Not to mention expensive. But we finally reached a verdict. Guess who had more fun in the end? What? No silly, just keep reading...

Mel: So after a week of tests – some with outside assistance for proper testing, pictures, videos and more. Here are the official results to support whether Blondes or Brunettes really have more fun.

The Pleasure Periscope

Tati: This one is better than a regular mixer. It’s a keeper!

This truly brings pleasure to your daily cooking. You can mix stuff AND look inside the mix at the same time...I almost turned my cookie dough ice cream into water because I got too distracted looking inside of it.

But I didn’t stop there.

I also made awesome pasta sauce and then some whipped cream that I later used on my boyfriend.

OK, he is not my boyfriend, but I used it on him anyway.

Tati level of fun: 3 ½
Fake boyfriend level of fun: All the way baby

Mel: Instructions indicate use for personal health and safety. I now carry it in my purse and have my own personal ray gun!

I love it! So far I’ve gotten free gas & spare change from the register, a new necklace & a wallet just for showing people how fantastic this little number is.

if you click on the image it will go HUGE

Similar models have already been proven just as effective.

Mel level of Fun: 5
Mel level of Coolness: Too hot to Handle

Carrot Sleeve

Mel: This does not protect against carrot odor as promised. I still had bunnies following me home from the park.

Rabid Rabbits still detected the carrot in my purse and I had to throw it far into the playground to keep them from attacking me – I’ll stick to Ziploc & Cucumbers.

Mel level of Fun: 3 (they were CUTE rabid rabbits)
Mel level of Damage: Moderate - Twisted ankle, Grass Stains, bites & scratches, rabies shot & empty stomach

Creepy Dildos

Mel: This nativity set requires is not as colorful as other sets but it is waterproof - a big plus for outdoor displays.

Mel level of Fun: 4
Speed with which I am going to hell: Warp 7

Tati: I know I am not supposed to interrupt but, this IS kinda colourful...

Strawberry Ass

Tati: This one was really good for strawberry scented tequila shots, but not as good as coin holders. It kept closing and opening, so my coins would jump out, making a simple walk through the park REALLY annoying. I had the hardest time getting my coins back from the squirrels.

Tati level of fun: 5 for the tequila party
3 for chasing squirrels to get my coins back

Mr. Jack with Mustache

Mel: This made an excellent pot handle holder for my inox pans- kept my fingers safe from singes while I made fried donuts. Every household should have a few!

Mel level of fun: 3
Level of Burn Protection: Survived the burning towel (only melted off the stache.

Tati: I am now a proud owner of a gay Mexican key holder!

Tati level of fun: 2 for making it
5 for looking at it with my keys on his mouth every morning.

The Cone

Tati: Awesome cat-owner fun!

Turn your cone upside down, set it to spin and sit Elvis on top of it, then watch! You may like to wear gloves next time you try to play with your cat, but it’s totally worth it!

Tati level of fun: 5
Elvis level of fun: - (minus) 1 billion


Mel: So Elvis’s punching bag will only arrive in a few weeks & like all things in advertising the picture is not to scale. The accommodator was of average size so I let him try this out instead.

Supposed to provide nirvana like enlightenment through meditation & stimulation of the 3rd Eye - this stayed on his head an average of 0.5 seconds.

Mel level of fun: 5
Elvis level of fun: Someone is dying in their sleep tonight


Tati: This thing is DA BOMB! We first tried this out at the Strawberry Tequila Party. I ordered two: the black and blacker and the white and pink.

That made possible for us to divide in two teams: boys and girls. We turned them on and let them loose around the house. First one to knock somebody down scores!

When you are high on strawberry tequila, it doesn’t take much. I can’t tell you who won, I saw a lot of people going down (I also saw a lot of people from the floor level)

Tati level of fun: 5
Tati level of bruises: over 9000

Tongue Vibe

Tati: This is another great item for parties. I got a bunch of them. Why? Check this out:

-They glow in the dark
-They shake shake shake
-They are water proof


Tati level of fun: 5
Tati level of alcohol in blood stream: 96%

Mel: Application to the end of a standard toothbrush increases brushing power. 4 out of 5 dentists recommend it. Application to the end of whisk increases in beating power. 4 out of 5 cooks recommend it.

Application to Elvis’s tail increases freak out power. 4 out of 5 cats do NOT recommend it.

Mel level of Fun: 4
Tongue Vibe level of Usability: 5

Paul and Paulina

Tati: Ok, there is only one thing to do with Paul and Paulina:

Now they can grow bigger and stronger and ZAZ!

Tati level of fun: 4
Tati’s place level of cuteness: 1 trillion!

Willie Wrapper

Mel: Instalment required only a standard suction cup and some ribbon. It works well in the kitchen for dishtowels but wet hand towels, are too heavy for the vibrate function to properly move around enough to speed up drying.

Please remember to keep both mesmerized cats and moving towels away from open flames – real firemen wear more clothes than the ones in the calendars.

Mel level of Fun: 5 (they were still sexy)
Number of Firemen in Mel’s Kitchen: 7 (they stayed for Brownies)

Head Candy

Mel: These make excellent alternatives to salt rimmed cocktail glasses & add a new dimension to mixed drinks – similar to using a lollipop instead of an olive in your martini.

I tried them with Frozen Margaritas, Manhattans & Champagne Cocktails – by the end of the night Head Candy rimmed glasses filled with Sake were the best.

Mel level of fun: 5 (What I remember anyway)

Who won? Who cares? We had a blast! (And so did our little feline friends)

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