And she's back!  

Nov 25, 2008

Mel: So I'm back.

Tati: YEAH!

Mel: The Rescue squad TATI sent, broke the air conditioner in the Imperial Palace hotel [“European style Imperial Palace Hotel with dignity”] so that it was always 25.6 C and took care of the Zerg that were guarding me, trying to convert me to their kekekekerushing ways.

Not that they would ever have managed based on past Strategy game experience I've never been good at the might build up rush, I prefer the slow and steady civilization growth and am a sucker for AoE magic spells.

Tati: Oh dear, first of all, welcome back! It was hard without you here. I had to eat all the cookies by myself and Elvis kept trying to kill me, because without you he is always cranky!

Ok, so, back to business. Don’t get me started on those strategy games. I think I should work on that, but I’m not good on building things. I like them ready, so THEN I can go and change everything and make people angry. Or if you are talking about games, I like to pay for the finished product; I don’t like building the games myself. And I’m not really medieval. I don’t even like horses. But overall I am really happy that Team TATI kicked those evil Koreans in the butt (What What?)!

Mel: While in the land of Zerg I managed to avoid eating any dogs, although had it been served I probably wouldn't have recognized or known it as they often serve it as a soup. I was served traditional Korean beef soup one day with beef, shimeji, caramelized onions & Tang noodles (also called glass or cellophane noodles). It was served with a variety of side dishes which I have no idea what they were one was spinach and garlic, one was some sweet egg salad something or other, one was lotus root (yum) and there was the must have kimchi and the Hot pepper paste. You all know I like my pepper, I want it so hot you cry and it burns on the way out, but I don’t exactly eat it on a spoon like mashed potatoes. Well I didn’t. Korea changes a person.

Tati: You are brave! I don’t know if I would have eaten any meat over there. You never know man. I know that for the vegetarians, eating a dog or a cow is all the same and evil. But let’s face it: cows are only cute in cartoons, and dogs, even the ugly ones, are always cute.

OF COURSE I don’t support animal cruelty, but I wish I was stronger; I really like ugly animal’s meat. Sorry dudes.

Mel: I did not sample the “poo poo bread” but I did however eat what must have been a mild version of the century egg [puke]. I say mild because the yolk of my egg was still yellow and had not yet turned green and it was only a small slice (thank god) and it didn't kill me, or make me puke at the elegant catered dinner party with the president of the company and top employees either.

Tati: Well if you can eat Nattō, you can eat old Korean eggs (dog eggs?). It’s the same distress I would think. Thanks to some sadistic friends (you know who you are) those gave me the headache of the century (they tasted good though, nasty, but good). And I remember the joke was that the Nattō was from “yesterday”, haha you guys are hysterical!

Mel: According to reports on century eggs they taste like ammonia & sulfur but eggs already go the sulfur way as it is. Perhaps due to the fact that mine was just rimmed in green and still had some yellow in the center - it tasted like egg yolk but had the consistency of gelatin & egg yolk & something kind of crispy all at once. It was the consistency that killed on that one. However, if dared to eat it, it is certainly the harmless option on a table of bizarre and different.

Tati: OK! Let’s stop this madness. I can understand the tradition and also that a looooong time ago, when everything was difficult, we had to eat old nasty fermented food. But now we have fridges, colorants, preservants, antioxidants. All that effort to make old nasty food look fresh and beautiful. Must we eat ugly and smelly food? I REFUSE!

Mel: There were a variety of culinary delights that I have already looked for the recipes for as well in particular a Korean tea-like dessert called Sujeonggwa which is served cold. It consists principally of a tea made from boiling fresh ginger and cinnamon. While looking for the recipe I found this site full of how to videos by crazy Korean lady and recipes. The version I had did not have dried persimmons (khaki) in it and it had cardamom seeds instead of pine nuts, but I guess that's what fancy parties will do to your traditional desserts.

Tati: Not even the Korean crazy lady can say Jjamppong with a straight face. But she is kinda cute. “I am justa cooking japon!", "It is originated in Japan...or China, but definitely Korean!"

Jjamppong from Maangchi on Vimeo.

I WILL make this!

Mel: The other Brazilians that were with me liked a "Korean Junk Food" a lot, however much like mochi, it didn't taste of much except the honey you dipped it into. We ate it while having tea in a tea house. It was certainly a highlight of the Zerg experience, as the tea place was decorated as though you were on a train and while it doesn't sound like it would be attractive it was actually cozy and endearing with the graffiti walls and the old train seats around big wooden tables. The tea they served was also very nice, I opted for a traditional Chrysanthemum tea, which was basically the dried flowers steeped in water, but the tea I liked best was the Jujube tea. Who would have thought that Jujube`s weren't just the fruit gummies. Apparently jujubes are a type of red date. I wanted to buy some to take home, however along with the ginseng bottles their plane ride threshold was not very high.

Tati: haha Jujube!

Mel: It`s kind of funny about the Jujubes because while there are many things that I could use to some up my trip to the land of zerg and back, Dates are not one that I would have expected however, in Dubai where I was stuck for over 11 hours (total) they also had lots of dates. I bought some of the gourmet godiva dates and have been sampling them at leisure. I never had anything against Cockroach fruit, but would never have thought to enjoy them in the variety of ways I did on the trip. The tea still wins- sliced jujubes in honey and ginseng boiled in hot water and served in a clay cup. The Korean guides seemed to imply that Japanese HATE the drink and that it is not popular with foreigners at all, however I really enjoyed it, go figure – maybe it was something of the Zerg that managed to rub off.

The majority of food adventures in Zergland were mild and consisted of breads and fruits and random drinks from vending machines or the 7-Eleven. I tried whenever possible to choose the unknown, but admit that choosing tea on occasion doesn’t really count. There was only 1 thing I was unable to drink – the strawberry yogurt, it tasted sour and made me gag. I saved the bottle though; it had a bee on it.

Tati: What a surprise! Why have yummy strawberry yogurt if you can have it old and nasty?

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No Post? Yes Post, kinda...  

Nov 21, 2008

Mel's rescue update: Word is that she is in friendly territory now. After a long week of negotiations, seems like we finally got her back! She still not talking and she has some problems staying on the light, but we are confident that her trauma from being away from my cookies for so long will go away pretty soon. So guys, hold on to your seats, she is coming back, back from the future!

Meanwhile, up here, without heat (yeah I broke it!), barely moving because of all the clothes, here I am! At the break of dawn, I post nothing useful!

Since today's post is not important I will rage about someone that should not be important at all, but somehow is. Go figure.

M. Night Shalala, I just wanna be angry because of you! Not because your movies suck, or because of your stupid, predictable twists, or because your movies treat people like they are brainless. No, I don't care about that, that's entertainment right? BAH

What really drives me crazy and makes me question the whole meaning of life is: why people still give you money?

Where do these people live? Don't they have any sort of device to watch your movies? Because it doesn't take much to decide NOT to give you any money to make movies. I mean, c'mon!

You Mr. Shalala, you are a lucky man with the best timing ever, because that's all I can think of to justify people giving you money, excellent timing. Either that or you know a lot of crap about the people who are giving money to you.

I am sorry Mr. Shalala, I hate being so negative, but see what you do to me? I'm sure you are a good person. Although, I hope you are not, because I enjoy hating you. I even try watching your movies. Every time you release one, I go and watch it, because I wanna be fair, but in all fairness, you suck! I will give you Sixth Sense, that one was cool and the twist got me. But apparently that was pretty much all you had to give right?

Now what is really depressing, and this I will never, EVER, understand: How come you got chosen to make the Avatar movies? Are those people insane???

I LOVE Avatar, the airbender cutie, and I was super happy about the movies coming out, UNTIL I heard that Shalala would be responsible for them. Then I just gave up hope, why do I even try to believe in humanity? And he will probably play the Fire Lord or something on the movie. How lame is that? I HATE cameos. Except for Hitchcock and maybe Stan Lee. *sigh*

I stole this picture from this place, where you will find another great post about Shalala.

Ah now I'm pissed! I'll go have breakfast and then go to the consulate, wait for 5 hours in line while some stupid kids scream their lungs out and their stupid moms talk to each other about how their stupid kids are cute. All that to finally get my new stupid passport. Why do these stupid things expire anyway? ARGH

Here, some fun for you guys!


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Star Wars Special Edition?  

Nov 18, 2008

Mel's rescue team update: We have located Mel in a galaxy far far away! She doesn't want to come back home and according to our guards, she is kicking everybody in the nuts! There is still hope that she will come to her senses and come back to us. So let's not give up just yet... Mel I have cookies, please come back to mama!

Star Wars fans, I salute you! You are VERY patient, dedicated and probably a lot more intelligent than I am. This weekend I went on a quest to understand why Star Wars is so big. I get it, partially.
I will tell you my story:
Last time I watched Star Wars, I think I was about 14 years old; when they released I don’t even remember which one of them, with 6 hours more and with the sound re-mastered. Or something like that. I’m not even sure If was 14, if it was before or after, it’s just a guess. The one thing I don’t have, is enough brain space to store more than one or two years of memories.
So, THIS I remember. I was so bored, I walked out of the movie and let all my friends drooling inside the movie theatre. They told me it was awesome, I didn’t get it, maybe they knew better, who knows?
I have forgotten all about Star Wars and about two years ago, I was dating this guy who told me his ex made him love Star Wars, so imagine how motivated I was to give it a shot huh? I didn’t even let him mention the name of the movie in front of me (I am very good transferring “hates”). And now that my brain space was cleared for future memories I can give Star Wars a chance. And so I did...I tried!
I started from Star Wars IV: A new hope. I too had a new hope, so it begun. It took me two days and about ten naps to watch it. Oh my God you guys! How can you do it? It was stronger than me, I couldn’t stay awake. And I was kinda enjoying the movie, I said kinda.
Let’s be fair: the movies are really amazing considering the time they were made (and still are today), I really respect George Lucas as a creative person, a storyteller and a director. He lives in a whole different level, that only very few really cool people can reach. (Does anyone feel a pretty huge but coming? I DO!) BUT, nope, Star Wars is not for little Tati here, nope!
The only think that made me keep watching it was Chewbacca screaming, because it would wake me up and it is frigging hilarious. The other thing was Indiana Jones. MAN he is hot on Star Wars!
When I was watching it I couldn’t stop thinking “Why the hell Princess Leia kisses that loser brother of hers?” Because let’s face it, Luke is a loser. He pissed me off through the whole movie. But then on Empire Strikes back (I made it through half of the movie then I gave up) I saw that she only kissed him to pisses Indy off.
That’s good because I was starting to hate her too for kissing the ugly idiot guy who only messes with the plot. In 99% of the movies (that I watched) he is crying about something or feeling sorry for himself, or just being stupid and ugly BOHOO. And what's up with Darth Vader’s accent? He sounds like Schwarzenegger. Made me laugh every time he was on. (which is very good)
I might be totally wrong here. Because I didn’t finish the movie and also, I didn’t watch the last one, I don’t remember anything from the Phantom Menace besides that 3 hours long race. I remember I slept several times during the Attack of the Clones, so I have no idea what that movie is about. I just remember Anakin wasn’t as cute as in the first one. I didn’t try to watch the Revenge of the Sith, so yeah, I have no base whatsoever to talk about Star Wars, but guys, I am really trying.
If any Star Wars fans have any suggestions to make me like it, I’m open to new ideas. If anybody looks like Indiana Jones on Star Wars please contact me!
I will leave you my children, but not without some fun!
Here are my impressions of the movies in pictures. My favourite moments. I hope you enjoy : )
And here is Chewbacca yelling! Chewbacca rocks!
And here is ME and Chewbacca!

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That's why we have friends!  

Nov 14, 2008

FACT: Mel is missing! I’ve looked everywhere! Even under the bed. Mel come back, I promise I won’t steal your cookies anymore.

Agnes: Heeeey there, Agnes here, the one you see a lot in the blog comments as Bell!
Whenever you see the skutie with the purple ribbon, that's me! *heart*

Tati: Bell Bell! How cute is this? We have our own oriental skutie!!!

Agnes: Since Mel's still missing I'm here to talk to Tati!

Tati: Thank God! Talking to myself sounds a bit creepy...

Agnes: So, I'd like to say HI to everybody, and sorry because I'm not as funny as the mistresses of the house. And I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tati, since Wednesday was her birthday YAY, and coincidentally today is mine YAY!

Tati: Agnes, you don’t need to be funny, you are cute! We hide our “uncuteness” by trying to be funny. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY my super kawaii Agnes!!!!!!!

Agnes: I didn't plan anything to talk about, so I will just begin to write anything that comes to my mind =D

Well, I love animals from the bottom of the heart. When I go to a friend's house, where they have a dog, or a cat, I will try to stay close to them as much as I can (usually what happens is: the pet will get tired of me, and will go somewhere else =p) I already had a hamster family (a couple, and after some time, they had 6 cubs) but since I’ve lived most of the time in a tiny apartment, I never had the chance to have bigger pets. My dream is to have and take good care of a dog or a cat or, why not, both?

Tati: I just want kitties...Dogs are cool but they are too dumb! (Yeah dog lovers, I said it! Dogs = dumb HUNF)

Agnes: Many people may already know about the dramatic chipmunk, the Hamster in the piano and now we have Maru, the scottish fold! You can always see cute pet images and videos at Cute Overload too!

Tati: Those are so addictive I have to go there every day!

Agnes: Everybody tells me I'm much like Sakaki, character from the hilarious Azumanga Daioh series: a tall japanese girl in the middle of not so tall children, always very shy and loves dogs and cats.

Tati: Sakaki-san is your animated version, including that time that I accidentally made that cat bite you at Mel’s Thanks Giving dinner (Sorry but I still think it’s funny and of course it wasn’t intentional. NHOC). Here is Sakaki being constantly beaten by kitties.

Agnes: Anyway, you should watch Azumanga Daioh, hours of fun for sure! Imagine those funny comic strips, like Snoopy, or Garfield, but with insane school girls, and animate it. That's the anime for you! The drawing style is very cute, all characters are very well created, and each one is funny in its own way, no way you wouldn't like it.

Tati: I agree and I am a kitchen! Azumanga is the cutest and funniest anime around. In Gabe’s honour who is now addicted to a Manga by the same author from Azumanga Daioh I leave you guys with this link. This is so cute it hurts. For more info you can always contact us!

Agnes: There are also many fan made games and simulators for the series, from a volleyball and a snowball game, to a simulator that works as a desktop toy: you just sit there and watch a 3D version of Osaka (one of the characters) get her Jedi sword and swing it in the air, or fly with a weird handheld helicopter helices, or even her sleep walking with a knife in hands, all happening in her room. She's like a cat, very pro-active, you can spend the day watching her, and it won't get boring =p

Here's the creator's link, it's in Japanese though!!! If anybody wants to see it running, send me a message =)

Tati: That’s for people with no job, if you have a job, don’t click on the link or your working days are counted!

Agnes: Another thing I'd like to share today are the adaptations people are making for songs, in many ways. As an example of what I'm talking about, the traditional and nostalgic Mario Paint music generator, people are mastering this, and I enjoy seeing all videos, like Mission Impossible theme. Another amazing video I saw was Chrono Trigger 600AD on Beer bottles! Imagine how much beer the guy drank to have the entire song.

Tati: That is just insane to me. I envy the patience on those people. They should make an award event for the Mario Paint Music Generator freaks (with all due respect I envy you freaks!). About the beer bottle player, what really amazes me is not the amount of beer, is the fact that he tuned the bottles. Drinking beer is the easy part.

Agnes: Ok! So, I guess I already talked a lot about nothing.
See you around!

Tati: Agnes don’t gooooo, first Mel and now you? Oh God, I can’t take it anymore...

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The man, the legend, the zombie!  

Nov 11, 2008

Tati: Yes guys, Rob Zombie! The acclaimed movie director, wait what? Isn’t that funny? I mean, I think he is a genius and I love zombies and horror movies and zombie horror movies music, but I didn’t even get passed his solo career yet and now most people know him as a movie director? That’s crazy. On that note I strongly recommend his version of Halloween. - Sorry John Carpenter, he won this one big time.

So, Movie director. He also writes and he produces and he is awesome! I love you Rob Zombie, you and your whole family (I’ll get there).

Do you remember that movie “Beavis and Butt-head Do America”? I remember when I bought the Soundtrack and the credits for all the drawings inside were Rob Zombie’s and also that part on the movie when they get high on the desert (as you will see on the commentaries, peyote rules and he did NOT animate the sequence – You should see my face right now!). See how great he is? Oh well...

But ok, back to rock ‘n roll. What about White Zombie? UGH I used to love them! I still do.

[For you who can’t remember the last days when music was still good, here is something really cool for you to look into. The early 90’s when “It’s Britney bitch” wasn’t even born yet, when the cool thing was to be weird, crazy and different – I really miss the days we actually wanted to be different from each other, sigh – when music was only good if a band had good musicians in it – or really good lip sinkers like these two crazy cats here, then here you can see them giving back the money their fans had spent on their fake music and here you can see them having to give back their Grammy (priceless). Well at least they apologized and didn’t blame it on the band or did a stupid polka dance... I won’t even waste a link on that]

White Zombie was the first band I saw were people had really colorful and fun tattoos. Well, colorful everything for that matter. I would spent hours looking on everybody’s arms on rock magazines (mmmm colorful arms!); lots of little crazy zombies, clowns, monsters and creepy stuff. That alone was already pretty cool. But then they had a theme! A band with a theme? How cool is that? They had this decadent “horror movies from the 70’s” theme. Tell me, how can you not love a guy that changed his last name to zombie? What about his wife? Sherri Moon Zombie? That’s just too good. All that, plus the music is super cool.

After that he went solo and the music remained the same, with the same theme and the same everything, so I still love it. And then he became a movie director, with the same songs, the same theme and the same everything, what’s not to love?

Now, about his family: I’ve read somewhere that his parents worked many years in carnivals, which would explain a lot. And he has a brother that also has a cool band with a theme. YAY more bands with themes! His brother’s band is called Powerman 5000 and yeah, I love it too. The theme? Science fiction, decadent science fiction movies from the past. I’m talking robots and gore; it just gets better and better. I don’t know much about him, I just really love his band. I do know that they were on the original 90210 and Dona was shaking her ass on their video (Can you imagine my face now?), pure magic! – I tried to find the video but all I could find out was that it is on Season 6, Episode 27.

So there you have it, zombies, robots and colors. Add some toys and I will marry you!

I’ll leave you guys with my two new favorite guys, that’s something I also miss from the early 90’s, sense of humor. I recommend all their videos! When they grow up and become crazy zombie robots I will marry them.

Mel? You are kinda quiet today... Mel? MEEEEL?????

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Food coma delight!  

Nov 7, 2008

Mel: Today is Cake day at the office –it was a Lime cake with Lime Mousse filling and Whipped Cream Frosting. Not bad, but in general left an aftertaste of fat and flour. Nothing to write home about. Kind of your standard bakery wedding cake type deal. But it did make me want to eat things that have strong Lemon flavor and with the Hot weather it has me craving Lemon Sticks

Tati: You are an American, living in Brazil, working for a Korean company. What’s wrong with this picture? CAKE DAY? In Brazil? In a Korean company? Mel did you take over the office again?

Mel: Lemon Sticks were supposedly invented at Baltimore’s Flowermart festival in 1911, which would explain why most references to them are those from Maryland or nearby areas. I was first introduced to this fantastically amazing food at a 4th of July celebration while living in Maryland. Basically it consists of taking a Lemon and cutting the top off of it. You then proceed to stick a piece of peppermint candy into the lemon and suck on the candy as though it were a straw. The Lemon juice comes up through the “straw” and creates a Sweet/Sour combination perfect for hot weather and tangy goodness. The problem with this divine food which should be simple (buy lemons, buy candy + 1 knife = heaven) is not so easy here for 3 reasons.

Mel: 1 – Lemon Lemons are harder to find (here in Brazil), and as it is winter in the places they generally come from, it will be particularly complicated to find them but not impossible.

Tati: Specially because in Brazil there is no Lemon Lemon, there are only Limes, but we call them Lemons anyway. Yeah, we are a very practical crowd. You don’t have Lemons? So What? we will call our limes Lemons! But on the other hand, you can buy the “Sicilian Lemon” which is pretty much your regular Lemon Lemon. Leave it to Brazilians to disturb the Lemon race…

Mel: 2 – Peppermint. I’m not sure why but it appears that peppermint is not that common in Brazil. I am confused by the use of “Menta” and “Hortelã” which are both translated as mint in English. I realize there are many forms of mint but I will have to ask someone who knows more about “mint” to tell me which is which here in Brazil.

Tati: We are as confused as you are in Brazil. Peppermint for us sounds like mint with pepper. What Brazilians understand by mint is that green thing that is inside our chocolates and tastes like tooth paste (which, guess what? Yes I hate it!)

Mel: 3 – Peppermint Sticks – as there is little Peppermint to be found, it means that the all important candy which is 50% of this food’s epic nature is missing! And will have to be made by HAND. There is a similar type candy that is served at parties here in Brazil that is flavored with Coconut instead of mint, and is cut into small pieces called “Bala de Coco”. Basically it is a kind of taffy.

Tati: There is nothing similar between the tooth paste sticks and the coconut candy. Coconut candy is a lot sweeter and 3 of those will put you on a sugar rush that will last all day (Or am I the only one who gets stupid with sugar?)

Mel: The “bala de coco” recipe calls for 1 kg of sugar, 200 ml of water, & 1 bottle of coconut milk to work, so I have looked round for recipes similar and something that sounds like an “Old Fashioned Soft Peppermint Stick” So far the best I have found is on this site about Cany & Confections and under the heading Stick Candy – you’ll have to scroll down on the site almost till the end to find it.

In other words to have this divine thing of minty, zesty sweetness I’m going to actually have to complete epic taffy pulling Victorian feats of nuttiness. I suppose its only fitting since it was in a fit of Victorian nuttiness the thing was invented in the first place.

Tati: That reminded me of that time I saw that squirrel in Victorian clothes.

Mel: The other option is to make something like Ginger Cake with Lemon Curd or Lemon Poppy seed Pound Cake. I found a super “makes it self with your eyes closed” easy recipe for the Gingerbread Lemon Curd Cream Cake but it requires something I can’t get my grubby paws on here: Gingerbread Cake & Cookie Mix. So I will be forced to make the Gingerbread from scratch. I don’t mind doing that, but I haven’t managed to find “the” recipe yet. I have tried many but either the flavor is weak, the cake is too dry, the texture is all wrong, or it just comes out funny. The next recipe on my “Ginger Cake Trial” list is this one from Epicurious. I plan to add some lemon juice to the frosting & Add lemon curd filling.

Tati: Yes guys, she is a super cook! How many of you would think: “I’ll just make things from scratch”? So don’t feel bad if you fail, don’t try to be like her, you won’t get it and your cake will suck! She was born with those powers and she likes rubbing it in our faces! I love when she rubs cake all over my face LOVE IT!

Mel: Although re-reading that recipe I think I will go with the 2nd option which is Lemon Poppy seed Pound Cake. Again if you live in the U.S. or have such wonderful things as instant cake mix that actually tastes GOOD available then this one is a no-brainer (pound cake mix + lemon juice + poppy seeds = win). For those of us stuck with chalky dry or vanilla tasting lemon cake mixes we will have to rough it from scratch. This is the recipe I plan to doctor by adding poppy seeds because everyone needs to test positive for opium once in awhile.

Tati: Or you can go the traditional way on testing positive for opium. Let’s be honest, baking cakes from scratch is too much work just to get high!

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So what is the deal with airline food?  

Nov 4, 2008

Tati: Ahhh, don’t you love punch lines? Well I do. They are great ice breakers, always a good way to start a conversation. C’mon, it made you look, searching for the answer to the great mystery that haunts comedians all around the globe.

Mel: better than embarrassing personal statements like “My feet smell like cheese.”

Tati: Well I don’t bring you the answer, and to be honest I love airline food! I love pretty much everything. Well, except for the things that I hate, I don’t like or dislike stuff, I only love or hate them, I hate the middle, I love the extremes (see?). But we will get there when we get there.

Mel: It’s why we get along – I’m a Gemini only made up of extremes – really dislike fish except for sushi, go figure.

Tati: Before it is too late, let me introduce myself and my lovely friend over there (say hi Mel!).

Mel: Hi Mel!

Tati: You will call me Tati from now on

Mel: or Mistress Tati if you’re being bad

Tati: and I call my lovely friend over there Mel, but she can write too and she will let you know how she likes to be called. (I never asked.)

Mel: Mel is yummy

Tati: I would also like to thank our very special and exotic friend AGNES (she is Japanese)! She is the one responsible for the Skullgirls and also fat Elvis over there. She is an amazing artist and I am really happy that she did this for us. You can check her work here.

Tati: The main reason we started this blog is because we no longer live on the same piece of land and we miss each other

Mel: bwahh

Tati: So instead of wasting money on phone calls we will talk through this blog

Mel: Instead we will waste money on useless cuteness!

Tati: Isn’t that a lot more fun than talking on the phone? (You can count that as one of the things that I hate: talking on the telephone.)

Mel: You can count anchovies for me (Good one)

Tati: Here you will see our adventures uncovering the bizarre that follow us no matter where we are, -

Mel: its true we’re curr..*cough* blessed,

Tati: our loves and hates, our nothing to talk abouts – sometimes we will be mean too (I hope).

Mel: “nothingabouts” will probably account for 85% of this blog

Tati: We will write about the craziness that surrounds us and will interact with each other’s posts and guess what? You will get to read it –

Mel: for voyeuristic thrills.

Tati: Aren’t we fun? Yes we are...and you know it!
For those about to rock, FIRE! No. For those about to ask, NO! We are not a black cat. Our profile picture is Elvis, Mel’s fat cat

Mel: he’s not fat he’s dense and...yeah okay he’s fat

Tati: He’s our official blog critic & he will be there until:
a) I manage to recover my pictures from my dead HD.
b) Mel uploads a cool picture of us.
c) We figure out something better than Elvis standing there.-

Mel: shhh don’t let him hear that

Tati: That’s all for now!
Stay tuned for the history of how I met your mother in our next post! –

Mel: hint: it involved caramel

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